Monarchy Matters Media

NCF director Peter Whittle's new book Monarchy Matters was published on 18th April.  

On California's KCRW radio, Peter debated the appeal of monarchy with The Guardian's Jonathan Freedland.

Peter will be appearing on the USA news network Fox News this Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th April.

He will also be appearing on BBC Global News on Wednesday 27th, tomorrow.

A four-star review of the book appeared in the Mail on Sunday this Sunday 24th April.

Peter was a guest on BBC Radio 4 Start the Week on March 28th.

He was interviewed by French TV for a Europe-wide programme EuroNews to go out this week. He was also interviewed by Brazilian Television Global News for a documentary, broadcast this week, which you can view here.

Peter was interviewed for a piece in Mainichi, one of Japan's oldest broadsheet papers.

He has two pieces based around the book in this month's Standpoint magazine.

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