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The New Culture Forum's Conference 2024

State of Emergency
How to Save Britain. Immigration, Ideology, Free Speech

 April 20th : 10 am - 5 pm

Emmanuel Center

9-23 Marsham Street. London. SW1P 3DW 

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Britain is at its most perilous state arguably since the Second World War.


Mass immigration; the cultural transformation of our towns and cities; social decline; the ideological capture of our national institutions and corporations; attacks on British culture, history and identity; threats to free speech (such as the Scottish government's draconian anti-free speech law and the potential for a UK blasphemy law under a Labour government); the promotion of contested ideologies in our schools....


These are just some of the epoch-defining challenges the nation faces now and in the years ahead. How can we best tackle these problems? Can Britain be saved?


In this crucial conference, the New Culture Forum brings together well-known figures to speak openly, candidly and honestly about the problems facing this country -- and why the government hasn't dealt with them.


Most importantly, in keeping with the New Culture Forum's mission to provide solutions, the participants will also present their proposals to solve Britain's various problems.


We hope you can join us for this important event.


  • Dr. David Starkey, Historian, Author & Broadcaster

  • Richard Tice, Leader of the Reform Party

  • Amy Gallagher, London Mayoral candidate for the Social Democratic Party

  • Peter Whittle, Founder & Director of the New Culture Forum

  • Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, Historian, Broadcaster & Senior Fellow at the New Culture Forum

  • Dr. Philip Kiszely, Lecturer, Cultural Historian & Senior Fellow at the New Culture Forum

  • Emma Webb, UK Director of the Common Sense Society, GB News presenter & Fellow at the New Culture Forum

  • Harrison Pitt, Senior Editor at European Conservative magazine & host of NCF Deprogramme



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