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The New Culture Forum's Conference 2023

Our Future - A New Vision for Britain

22 April : 10 am - 5 pm

Birmingham Conference & Events Centre
Hill Street, Birmingham, B5 4EW 

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The New Culture Forum's annual conference will be in Birmingham on the St. George's Day weekend. 



Join the New Culture Forum in Birmingham this 22nd April (the day before St. George's Day) for a patriotic, day-long conference in which we set out a new vision for Britain.

Speakers & panellists include:


* Tom & Hayley Bowen, founders of The King Alfred School

* William Clouston, Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)

* Baroness (Claire) Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas (tbc)

* Laurence Fox, Leader of the Reclaim Party

* Prof. Matthew Goodwin, Prof. of Politics at the University of Kent


* Peter Whittle, Founder & Director of the New Culture Forum

* Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, Senior Fellow; Historian, Author & Broadcaster

* Dr. Philip Kiszely, Senior Fellow; Lecturer in Cultural History at the University of Leeds

* Marc Sidwell, Senior Fellow; Director of Research at the Henry Jackson Society

* Dr. Emma Webb, Fellow; UK Director of The Common Sense Society

* Poppy Coburn, Host of NCF Deprogrammed; freelance writer at the Telegraph etc.

* Harrison Pitt, Host of NCF Deprogrammed; freelance writer at European Conservative


The New Culture Forum has always had, as its core mission, the celebration and defence of Western and British Culture, as well as the duty to robustly challenge the overbearing orthodoxies which now dominate our institutions (media, politics, culture, academia etc.). But championing our heritage & history doesn’t mean we also don’t look to the future; indeed, this is a vital part of our work.

So this year’s conference will be doing just that: exploring how all of us can best navigate the turbulent years ahead, how we can nurture and build on our optimism, and how we can draw strength and inspiration from each other.

And we will be focusing, too, on the younger voices amongst us, those who are the very essence of our future and to whom we will eventually pass on our torch as they continue to promote and defend our values and build on our cultural legacy.

We hope you will join us in Birmingham on 22 April as we set out a positive new vision for Britain.


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