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The Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation

By Alice Grant


For a moment, it seemed that the BBC believed that the British people were going to sit back and silently watch our heritage be shamed, our culture condemned, our history erased and our patriotism be ridiculed.


The recent attacks on our beloved British songs ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ being branded as ‘racist’ and ‘imperial’ and the unsuccessful attempts to ban them from being sung at the Last night of the Proms are testament to how little the establishment reflects the values of the majority of this country and the contempt they harbour for most of us, who take pride in our British traditions.


Do we need any more evidence that much of the media is utterly out of touch with the people of this nation and that they have resorted to manipulating and spinning news to suit their anti-British agenda?


What was once a respected British institution is now a shamelessly biased propaganda machine for radical leftist ideology. We have witnessed the British broadcasting corporation dramatically morph into a blatant tool for indoctrinating the British public into rejecting our heritage and promoting the latest ‘woke’ trends.


The BBC is no longer an informative, reliable and unifying force. They seem unable to fathom what it means to be British and to be proud of our nation’s legacy. They no longer represent the culture and values of our people, but of those who wish to see them destroyed.


Any institution that relies on funding from the British taxpayer must be held accountable. The BBC is failing to honour the charter upon which it was founded in its inability to represent, impartially, a diverse range of views and conduct thorough investigative journalism.


More than ever we need the Conservative party, with their notable majority in Parliament, to make a stand and to support the ordinary Briton’s fight to keep our culture and values alive against the monolithic leftist ideology so pervasive among all influential British institutions, of which the BBC is perhaps the most far-reaching of all.


New Culture Forum
55 Tufton Street
London, SW1P 3QL


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