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Brexit is a Golden Opportunity to Reclaim Our National Pride


Alice Grant

I feel extremely lucky to be living in this particular time in the history of our nation. In the referendum of 2016, we chose freedom and sovereignty over the undemocratic, tyrannical rule of the EU organisation. Brexit, now ratified in parliament, will finally give us the opportunity to start anew, on the road to being an independent, self-determining country with all the possibilities and exciting challenges that that entails.

This is a golden opportunity to reclaim our national pride and our national identity - both of which have been purposefully eroded over the years by our pro-EU Establishment in complicity with the bureaucratic system of government centred in Brussels. The decades-long frustration of our voices being ignored was harnessed by the Brexit movement and turned into hope of building a prosperous, autonomous future.

Democracy and Accountability are the foundations of building a strong, self-governing, successful nation, and I’m convinced that Brexit, in time and with our country under competent governance, will deliver this. 

We should be able to reap the rewards of setting our own agenda, levying our taxes, controlling our borders, making trade deals, removing unnecessary regulations from small businesses, determining state aid and spending our money in ways that will rightly benefit our country. Under real leadership, the opportunities for our nation are boundless. Little by little, we can now begin to create a new form of politics to bring about a real change for our forgotten communities. Our laws will be made in our British Parliament by British people to serve our interests, not in Brussels by shady technocrats whose only loyalty is to the totalitarian EU project.

Just as it took many treaties over many decades to cede Britain’s sovereignty, so will it take many years to rebuild and regenerate our industries - especially in the neglected & alienated industrial heartlands. Under strong, patriotic leadership from a truly Conservative government we should be able to enact the promises of the referendum. With so much at stake, so much scope for improvement and so many potential benefits of Brexit, the government has no excuse not to galvanise our nation’s resources and let Britain flourish.

The EU is a rapidly sinking ship and Brexit is our lifeboat. Covid-19 has not only exposed the systemic flaws of the EU organisation, it has brought its economic architecture to its knees to the unfortunate detriment of the peoples of Europe.

Our immediate future will present us with great challenges as we bear the brunt of the harsh lockdown policies and are inhibited from taking full control of our territorial waters until 2026 as set out by the fishing agreement. However, there is hope that in 5 years time, a robust government will be prepared to stand up for our sovereign right, and banish fish-plundering EU vessels from our seas for good. 

Brexit has always been about the people clamouring for fairness, justice and freedom; all intrinsically British values. I'm very hopeful that the next generation will learn to love this country and put its interests first. we are all united under one flag, that of our beloved and respected United Kingdom. 

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